LEED Certified Building Increases

Schutte Lumber provides builders with FSC certified lumber. These products are a great foundation for those aiming to meet LEED certification. The number of LEED certified homes has reach 10,000—a remarkable milestone—but more can be done to make our nation greener.

American buildings are the cause of 39% of CO2 emissions. They use 40% of the energy and 13% of the water consumed each year. Making American homes and buildings more efficient is key to reducing national energy consumption. Green buildings make development more sustainable.

LEED started LEED for Homes to encourage builders to make more efficient homes. LEED for Homes aims to increase the amount of residences that decrease our energy consumption. In the process, 2.5 million jobs may be created in America and consumers can save money on utilities and other energy-related costs.

LEED for Homes celebrated its 10,000 home this year. It is a milestone that shows quality, healthy homes are possible and marketable. LEED certified homes span the gambit of home construction including multi-family and single family structures as well as affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity.

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Source: greenbuildingpro

Image by luckyhumek