Use Trim to Add Subtle Style to Your Home

exotic hardwoods Kansas City
Source: Flickr

Small changes in your trim can make a major difference in the look and feel of your home. Switching away from standard and traditional woods to something more exciting could be just what you need, especially since exotic hardwoods in Kansas City are an unusual visual treat. Here are few ways to use them:

  • Modernize a traditional home interior with exotic hardwoods. This will let you update cabinets, window treatments, and even the look of your floors without having to do a full remodel.
  • Add visual interest. New stylized cornices, window trims, and cabinet foots can add layers of texture and visual interest to otherwise dull areas. You can opt for elaborate carvings or more subtle accents to revamp the feel of your home.
  • Bridge stylistic differences between rooms with artful trim. Your home may have many different looks, but you can tie them together stylishly with transitional trims. These improve the flow of your decor and make your distinct spaces feel more like a thoughtfully created whole.

To learn more about the exotic hardwoods in Kansas City that could give your home a new look, reach out to Schutte Lumber or drop by our showroom to see our exotic trim and molding samples.