Build a Stylish Barn Door for Your Home

Barn doors are very popular in all sorts of homes in 2014, so even if you have a modern home or a rustic one, you might want to consider implementing them in your house when it’s time for a remodel. Best of all, barn doors can make your home more interesting without breaking the bank.

  • Decide where you want to use your barn door. A barn door can be an interior/exterior door between your backyard and kitchen and that is a common use. You can also use one for your garage. However, a barn door can also be used as an interior door if made to the right size.
  • Choose your lumber. Depending on your home you may want to paint your door or stain it. Choose lumber that will take the type of paint or stain best and will look good in your home unless you want a natural wood tone.
  • Pick your stain or paint. Modern homes often benefit from bright or dark paint – traditional homes can benefit from natural wood or stain.

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