What's So Great About Red Cedar?

cedar tree
Cedar tree

The red cedar tree comes in many varieties. It’s a highly adaptable and very durable tree that can grow in many varieties; including seashore conditions. Decay resistant, it has many uses in landscaping. The grain is naturally straight and eventually turns into a nice brown-red color. The wood is long lasting, and is known for having a subtle and attractive aroma.

Red cedar may be found as a natural choice fencing, roofing, siding and decking. It doesn’t swell or warp, and may be used in humid climates and in many outdoor projects. Cedar is a choice wood for lining furniture, and the cedar chest is famously known for protecting delicate or valuable materials with the ability to keep termites and moths away.

Rough sawn red cedar may be ordered from the mill in many stock sizes, and can be produced smooth on four sides. Various cuts of wood may be ordered, including log cabin sidings, bevel sidings and lattice panels as well.

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image via plantsforpermaculture