FSC Socially Responsible Forestry, Pt. 2

FSC works to protect forest workers' rights and health.

The FSC aims to practice sustainable, socially responsible forestry practices. In our last post we explored FSC policies for forest communities. Now, let’s take a look at the FSC’s efforts to support and protect forest workers’ rights.

For FSC wood to become certified, the conditions of the workers who harvest the product must be in compliance with ILO Conventions. The FSC refuses to associate with any organization that violates the fundamental ILO conventions.

FSC works in accordance with the Social Policy Program to promote its dedication to the socio-economic welfare of forest workers. To do so, both parties encourage and support research by independent third parties into the issues that effect forest workers and the communities in which they work. The results of these studies are used to influence future policy.

Schutte Lumber strives to integrate environmentally and socially responsible practices into every part of our business. We are proudly LEED and FSC certified. For information on our products, call 816.892.3398 or visit schuttelumber.com.

Source and Image: FSC