Wood Still Proven to be One of Greenest Building Materials

Lumber still leads the way in building materials, even in today’s greener building industry. According to a U.S. Forest Service study released at the end of last year, wood is still proven to be one of the greenest building materials. It has been scientifically proven to yield fewer greenhouse gases than the other common building materials by the authors of Science Supporting the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Using Wood and Wood Products in Green Building Construction. Here’s what the USDA quoted Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announcing in a report released in December of 2011.

“This study confirms what many environmental scientists have been saying for years,” said Vilsack. “Wood should be a major component of American building and energy design. The use of wood provides substantial environmental benefits, provides incentives for private landowners to maintain forest land, and provides a critical source of jobs in rural America.”

Studies such as these are a part of the U.S. Forest Service’s efforts to maintain the health, diversity and productivity of the nation’s forests to meet our country’s needs today and for generations to come. To learn more about this study, see the USDA Forest Service Executive Summary at www.fs.fed.us.

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Photo via Dan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net