Why Wood Finishes Are Good

Putting a finish on your wood is strictly optional. But putting a finish on your wood, you protect it’s surface and allows it to maintain its beauty for longer. It also protects it from harsh environment elements which can cause the wood to warp, dry out and crack or splinter or just plain deteriorate. And lucky for all moms out there, a good finish will also protect your furniture from absorbing stains.

Adding a wood finish isn’t as difficult as some think, either. However, finishes are usually made of harsh chemicals, so before setting out to apply any to your project, make sure you have taken the proper precautions. Always protect your skin and eyes with work gloves and goggles. Never work near any open flames or a furnace. And always work in a well ventilated area, such as an open garage or just outdoors.

There are a variety of finishes on the market as well. You can change the entire look of your furniture, or just add a clear finish that solely protects it.

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Image via ehow.com