Wooden Remote Control Holders

If you are like most people, you are constantly on the hunt for your remote control.  Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you had one set place to keep your remote control collection?  A remote control holder can help do the trick, and one made out of wood can be a unique and affordable option.  Listed below are some images of creative wooden remote control holders to purchase or use as inspiration to make your own:

This wooden remote control holder on Etsy even features a satellite dish decoration to make it clear as to what its purpose is:

Wooden Remote Control Holders
Image via Etsy


If you have multiple remote controls, this wooden holder on Amazon has two separate areas to store your remotes:

Wooden Remote Control Holder
Image via Amazon


For a more rustic or shabby chic look, consider a hollowed out piece of wood for your remote control holder and potentially other small items that you keep in your living room:

Wooden Remote Control Holders
Image via Live Simply by Annie


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