Your Weekend Project Headquarters

We’ve written about woodworking showcase blog LumberJocks before (see Getting Serious With Sycamore), and today we’ll do it again, as one of their bloggers has allowed Schutte Lumber to play a starring role in providing shelter for their baby–lumber for the crib!

Writes Mark DeSchepper: “Like all proud woodworkers we share in the joy of our projects…This project takes on that special joy as my wife and I are happily expecting our first this June…I spent many hours searching high and low for plans for that perfect crib. I knew I wanted a sleigh style crib, and the material would be obvious, solid cherry the entire way.”

Here’s the plan below:


He continues “The next stop was obvious, I can’t possibly begin to make until the trip to the local lumber store was made. Living in KC, Schutte Lumber is a great and friendly place to get lumber for projects…The other main reason was the need for 8/4 rough stock so I could resaw into the required 1 1/2 inch thick stock for the 4 main legs. The top shelf of my lumber rack is the cherry that will eventually become my son’s new sleeping quarters.”

A sneak peek into his “shop”in the garage, below:


Thanks for the shout-out, Mark, and best of luck with the crib. To read more about his plans, check out “Baby Steps“.

To the rest of you Weekend Warriors: What projects can we be of assistance with?