New to Working With Wood? Invest in These Vital Tools

September 30, 2014
woodworking tips

There’s something incredibly rewarding about building things out of wood using your own two hands. If you’ve decided to begin woodworking, then you’ll want to get some basic tools to help you as you first start out. Most experienced woodworkers are familiar with the many different tools available to them, and which ones are essential

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Make Your Own Workbench

September 26, 2014
woodworking projects

If you enjoy woodworking, then you’re going to want a workbench to work on. Why not combine your joy for woodworking with your need for a workbench by building your very own workbench? The following are a few tips to help you do just that: Remember that a workbench is different than a worktable. A

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Use Wood Scraps to Make a Hanging Table for Your Home

September 24, 2014
woodworking projects

The amazing thing about wood is that you can use it to make almost anything yourself – you can even use wood scraps to make all kinds of unique features for your interior design. For example, why not use wood scraps to make a beautiful hanging table? Making a small hanging table isn’t difficult at

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Introducing Kids to Some Basic Woodworking

September 22, 2014
woodworking tips for kids

Teaching children how to work with wood can be incredibly beneficial to their development. It teaches them how to use and respect tools, helps them develop their creativity and helps them to develop their problem solving skills. The following are a few tips for teaching kids woodworking: Begin slowly – Teach one skill and one

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Things to Know When You Need to Remove Paint From Wood

September 15, 2014

Before you repaint something built out of wood, you’re going to want to take the original layer off. The following are a few tips to help you strip old paint off of your wood so that you can repaint it: Heater – Consider using a heater to help soften old varnish or multiple layers of

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Tips for Using Wood Glue in Joinery

September 9, 2014

One of the simplest methods of joinery is to glue boards together. While this may not seem like a process that needs much thought, it’s important to realize that there’s no real turning back once the glue has set, which means doing it properly is obviously quite important. The following are a few tips to

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