Things to Know When You Need to Remove Paint From Wood

Before you repaint something built out of wood, you’re going to want to take the original layer off. The following are a few tips to help you strip old paint off of your wood so that you can repaint it:

  • paint removal tips
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    Heater – Consider using a heater to help soften old varnish or multiple layers of paint so that they will be easier to remove with a scraper. Using a heater will also minimize the amount of dust created.

  • Chemical stripper – Chemical strippers leave no dust or paint chips as they dissolve the paint. Chemical strippers are perfect for intricate details and awkward shapes.
  • Sander – Sander’s are great for larger, flat surfaces but will create a lot of dust – making them poor options for indoor work.
  • Steam stripper – A steam stripper will heat the paint without creating a fire risk; however, it can create moisture which could damage the wood.
  • Professional – If the piece you’re trying to strip contains numerous pieces in itself as well as intricate detailing, you may want to have a professional do it.

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