Use Wood Scraps to Make a Hanging Table for Your Home

The amazing thing about wood is that you can use it to make almost anything yourself – you can even use wood scraps to make all kinds of unique features for your interior design. For example, why not use wood scraps to make a beautiful hanging table?

woodworking projects
Source: The Merry Thought

Making a small hanging table isn’t difficult at all. Simply take your scrap piece of wood and cut a flat side into it. Make sure to sand the scrap wood down to a smooth surface. Drill three holes into the wood in the shape of a triangle for your rope. Use polyurethane to coat the wood – don’t forget to let it dry in between coats.aye

Take some rope and put it through the holes. Thread it through each hole and keep in mind how low you want it to hang as you do it. Then drill a hole in the wall and insert a toggle lock. Screw in an eye screw and put an s-hook through it. You can then loop the rope over the s-hook so that the wood now hangs from the ceiling.

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