3 Must-haves for Every Fireplace

Fireplace Essentials
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Needs for Fireplace
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If you have a fireplace in your home, then you are well aware of the fact that it really lends an inviting and comforting element to your home design. However, it’s more than just that! You should take advantage of having a fireplace by using it too! Just make sure that you pick up these three must have items for your fireplace:

  • The Spade – You’ll need this fireplace shovel in order to remove ashes after you have used the fireplace. Smaller shovels are often packaged together with ash buckets or pails.
  • The Brush – Also called a broom, the brush for a fireplace is stiff bristled so that it can be used to knock down ash and debris from the grate of the fireplace as well as to help remove ash from the floor.
  • Tool Stand – You’ll want a stand nearby your fireplace to hold all of your tools. Most tool stands have individual holders or hooks for each tool. This will make it easier to access any fireplace tool that you need.

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