4 Tips for Optimizing Moulding Production

The ultimate goal in moulding operations is to achieve the most accurate results at the lowest cost possible. From Woodworking Network, here are 4 ways to optimize moulding production in the wood shop.

  1. Use a high cutterhead RPM of 10,000; this will allow you to achieve both a high feeding rate and a quality surface finish to help reduce the cost per lineal foot of moulding.
  2. Ensure accurate dimensions between runs by using high quality tool measuring systems.
  3. For custom moulding, enter the measurements for the knives in a computerized moulder that utilizes motorized spindle positioning to guarantee that the first piece is correct without having to use set-up sticks.
  4. Prevent a less than desirable finish, keep a close eye on the amount of contact between the shoe and the workpiece and always make sure that the shoe is parallel with the bed plate.
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Photo by Brian Moloney