Build a Bench to Add More Function to Your Mudroom

When it comes to remodeling or simply sprucing up your home chances are your mudroom isn’t the first place you think to start. However, doing things in your mudroom to make it more functional can make a dramatic improvement. One woodworking project that can really make a big impact is adding a bench.

Farmhouse Entry via Houzz

Use these tips to help build that bench.

  • Choose a durable type of wood that will take the abuse a mudroom can create. You’ll also want something that can be easy to sand and repaint. Many people choose plywood because it’s cost-effective and relatively strong, but other materials like oak can work well too.
  • Determine your style. A simple bench can work for some homes – others will need more ornate touches like molding or even carved wood. You can add those things in sections – even buying pre-carved panels and pieces and putting them in place later.
  • Consider storage needs. Adding a bench makes your space more functional, but building one that incorporates under-seat storage is much more beneficial for some homeowners. Evaluate whether you need that hidden storage space.

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