Choosing the Correct Woods for Your Fireplace

While Schutte Lumber doesn’t offer the type of wood suitable for wood stoves or fireplaces we are concerned that with cold weather approaching you and your family stay safe. Using improper wood can be both dangerous and inefficient. It’s important to select the proper species as well as avoid wood that has possibly been treated with chemicals or composites. Listed below are some woods native to the Kansas City area that will keep you both safe and warm in the coming months.

Broad leaf trees like Maple, Oak, Hickory and Alder are plentiful, safe and very efficient. It’s important to allow the wood to season before attempting to burn. Unseasoned or green wood still is full of sap and won’t burn well. Plan on purchasing wood that was cut at least a season or two before you intend on using it.

Creosote build-up is always a concern when using a fireplace or wood stove. This foul-smelling, sticky and extremely flammable substance will coat the inside of your chimney or woodstove piping due to volatile gasses given off when improper materials are burned. Hardwoods burn with less creosote buildup than softer woods like Willow, Poplar, Pine or Cedar.

It’s always very important not to burn painted or varnished wood, pressure-treated lumber, driftwood and any woods that have been compounded into sheets. These woods when burned, release harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment in addition to being a safety hazard inside your home.


Schutte Lumber wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


Photo:  http://pinterest.com/search/?q=firewood