Creative Long Term Projects with Scrap Wood

If an antique rack is not your style, consider a more contemporary wine holder.

Schutte Lumber continues to promote the re-purposing of wood. In our last blog, we discussed a few short term projects that you could do with wood scraps. Here are a few project suggestions for the avid carpenters:

Cat Tree: These play spaces can be as creative and unusual as your mind allows. The important thing is to remember to stabilize all platforms and add a variety of heights for your cat’s enjoyment. It is not necessary to sand the wood to perfection. Since the cat tree will also serve as a scratch posts, cats will react warmly to a rougher texture.

Wine Rack: A wine rack is a great use for many types of scrap wood. One Devil’s Lake, North Dakota family used scrap wood to transform their basement into a wine cellar. The owner and his contractor friend found a carpenter with eight 108 year-old 2×6 boards that they later cut in half to form the fronts of the wine cabinets. Old wood salvaged from a barn was used for the shelves and the cabinet frames were formed from plywood. Staining made the different woods match flawlessly. For the cabinet legs they used antique table legs shaped like eagle claws clutching a glass sphere. (The table itself was long since destroyed.) Scrap wood turns a regular basement into an old world wine rack with just a little creativity and scrap wood.

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Image Source: objekt desgin