Easy and Simple Ways to Remove Splinters After Working with Wood

Source: karindalziel

The down side of woodworking are the frequent splinters that can easily be suffered from enjoying the craft. There are correct ways to remove these often painful slivers that will diminish pain and prevent infection. The next time you have this problem, follow these five steps:

  1. Assess the piece in your skin.
  2. If it has a portion sticking out, you can typically grasp it with a pair of tweezers and slide it out.
  3. In the event it has gone beneath your skin, you will either need to use a needle or lance the top layer of skin. A needle can easily be used to manipulate the skin to give you access to the piece so that you can then remove it. If it is deeper, you will need to make a small incision to get to the wood sliver.
  4. Regardless of how you are able to remove the splinter, you will always need to sterilize the instruments, specifically the needle or other sharp object used to pierce the skin.
  5. Always thoroughly clean the area with soap and water afterwards and apply an antibiotic ointment with bandage afterward.

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