Following a Devastating Tornado, Greensburg Kansas Rebuilds Better and Greener

In 2007, a massive tornado devastated Greensburg, Kansas, destroying more than 95 percent of the small town. “What wasn’t leveled was severely damaged and the mile and half plus wide tornado left the town completely devastated,” according to Inhabitat.com.

Three years later, the town has changed dramatically, following a resolution to rebuild better and greener, thanks to a resolution that “all new buildings would be built to LEED Platinum standards, making it quite possibly the greenest city in the nation,” Inhabitat writes.Today, the town boasts more than 100 new homes (40% more efficient that code) and many buildings headed towards LEED certification.

"After the F5 tornado ripped through the town, 95% of the homes and buildings were destroyed. A week later the community began forming it’s plans to rebuild in a sustainable fashion. Greensburg GreenTown, a non-profit started by Daniel Wallach, was created to provide assistance during the rebuilding process." (photo credit: wikimedia)

Last month marked the third anniversary of the disaster, an occasion which was marked with the opening of the Eco Silo Home, “which is not only environmentally friendly and energy efficient, it’s also able to withstand 200 mph winds, making it practically tornado proof.”

To read more about what the constituents of Greensburg, Kansas are doing to make their town not only eco-friendly but carbon neutral thanks to a wind farm, visit Inhabitat.com.