KCWG's Fall 2011 Nightly Woodworking Classes

Get hands on instruction and practice with projects any night of the week this fall. The Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild began their fall 2011 woodworking classes on Thursday, September 15. For the next 13 weeks until December 15 (except Thanksgiving Day), KCWG will be holding 3 hour classes nightly from 7 to 10pm. Through hands-on learning, these classes will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to safely use woodworking machines and tools. Here are a few of the things you will learn in woodworking class:

  • How to identify wood and characteristics
  • How to read and follow plans
  • The steps in project-planning
  • Problem-solving in the woodshop
  • Beginning joinery techniques
  • Hot to fasten, clamp, glue, sand and finish
Those interested in the KCWG woodworking classes should email Kara Paris at training@kcwoodworkersguild.org to learn more about the classes and make payment arrangements before the class is full. See the Facebook page to find out how to acquire membership and to find out what materials you will need to bring to class.
As a sponsor of KCWG, Schutte Lumber offers a great discount on all lumber and supply needs to those who show their membership ID.