Handmade Wood Storage is an Attractive Solution for Your Home

Need some additional storage space in your home? Then why not build your own storage chest? Not only does a storage chest provide extra storage, it can easily be used as a piece of interior décor – unlike the cheap plastic storage bins that are so common. The following are a few tips for building a wood storage chest:

woodworking projects
Source: Flickr

Use solid oak so that the chest will last for a long time in addition to looking beautiful. You’ll want to cut your boards with a miter saw at different lengths so that they fit together in the corners like a jigsaw puzzle. Take the boards and glue them together into the lid and the panels. Sand the panels until the joints disappear. Then cut the handle notch.

Glue the touching edges of the panels together, then nail a plywood bottom to the panels. Drill pilot holes and then install the dowels, putting wood glue on the ends and tapping them in with a hammer to keep the panels together. Then, you’ll need to notch the feet, attach the cleats and install the hinges and lid.

Build a wood storage chest and contact us at Schutte Lumber today for additional woodworking ideas.