Home Design Trend: Light, Bright and Airy Woods

Brighten up any space with lighter toned hardwood floors.

Beautiful cherry and mahogany woods once stood center stage in many home designs. Now, lighter woods take the spot light to create tranquil oases and chic interior spaces.

This modern living room on the left uses light woods to complement the white furniture. Although there are dark accent colors, the overall feel of the room is fresh and open because of the wood floors. Light woods are great for small spaces and areas with little natural light because they can make these spaces seem larger and brighter.

The kitchen featured at the bottom right uses light woods on the cabinetry and floors. In combination with the brushed metal, the room captures and reflects a lot of natural sunlight. The design is minimal, maintaining clean lines and no clutter.

Enhance your room's natural light using light hardwoods.

Oak, maple, bamboo and yellow birch are light-colored hardwoods that are perfect for high traffic areas. Beech also provides the right color but is relatively delicate.

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Source: flooring-trends.com

Image Source: Kenny Corbin, thekitchendesigner.org