Home Improvement Tips for Halloween

Halloween is sure to be a weekend-long celebration, but perhaps you have a home improvement project in mind amidst all the parties and trick-or-treating. Before taking on any big projects, review these home improvement tips for Halloween, inspired by real haunted happenings, to avoid any major scares:

  1. Are you sure you want to renovate?
  2. Be cautious when moving a house.
  3. Know when to stop when you’re adding on.
  4. Be careful where you site a new house.
  5. Sometimes weatherproofing can’t help.
  6. Use your basement storage wisely.
  7. Redecorate with caution.

After you’ve had a good laugh, tell us about your home improvement nightmares by leaving a comment, and we will try to help.

Haunted happenings at the historic Lemp House in St. Louis scared off construction workers who were renovating it.