How Biscuit Joiners Work

There are a lot of tools out there that are incredibly helpful if you are getting into woodworking. While there is a basic set of tools every casual woodworker needs, if you are serious about woodworking there are a few other tools you’ll want to invest in as well, such as the biscuit joiner.

biscuit joiners
Source: Flickr

Biscuit joinery will help you create a quick and simple joint that will be strong enough for practically all applications. It does require a special tool though – the biscuit joiner. You use a biscuit joiner by cutting a slot in two boards. These boards are aligned and glued using a biscuit, which is a little, oval piece of wood. Biscuits are similar to dowels in that they are used to keep boards in place while you glue and clamp them. Sure, you can use cheaper tools, such as pocket screws, to achieve similar results – but serious woodworking hobbyists should strongly consider making the biscuit joiner a part of their toolbox.

Be sure to pick up a biscuit joiner for your woodshop if you are getting serious about woodworking. For additional woodworking tips and information, make sure that you contact us at Schutte Lumber.