How to Improve Your Dovetails

When it comes to dovetail joints, there are a number of methods for cutting them, whether you do so by hand or with the use of power tools. However, for a dovetailed piece of furniture to work on a visual level, it needs to have tight-fitting joints. The best way to do this is by trimming the waste located between the dovetail pins.

dovetail furniture
Source: Flickr

When trimming the waste between the dovetail pins, you should strongly consider using a scroll saw so that you don’t end up cutting into the baseline, which could happen more easily if you were to use a chisel. Make sure that the inside of your pinboard is up when using a scroll saw or a band saw so that you don’t cut into the pin.

If you use the scroll saw, there will be a little tab left over that you’ll have to remove by hand. The easiest way to do this is with the use of a coping saw. To get rid of the waste left over, you’ll want to use trim router with a pattern bit.

Use these tips to improve your dovetails. To find wood in Kansas City, contact us at Schutte Lumber today.