How to Tell if Your Deck Has Water Damage

deck repair Kansas City
Source: Flickr

When you install a deck, it is sealed to prevent water damage. However, over time, water can creep in through that sealant and damage your pristine deck. As the months and years roll by, make sure you keep your eyes open for these common signs of water damage so you can fix them before you need to replace your whole deck.


Discoloration from water damage is the most common sign that at least part of your deck needs work. Depending on the color of your deck, you’ll either see lighter or darker portions of wood – often in patches or splotches that have no real shape. When water soaks through the wood, it can make it unsafe, so when you spot discoloration, you need to have your deck checked out right away.


If your deck is leaking – meaning you’re seeing water drip out from underneath your deck or noticing wet spots underneath – you’ll need to have your deck checked right away. Leakage can be a serious problem for your deck and anything underneath and can lead to other serious problems.

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