Improvement in Construction Gives Positive Outlook on Lumber Industry

Kansas City lumber
Source: Flickr

There is finally some good news for Kansas City lumber buyers. All indicators are pointing toward continued growth for the lumber industry as construction activity continues to increase slowly, but steadily. This is great news for our industry, which has seen logging levels drop to those that were comparable to those that occurred during the Great Depression.

Reports from agencies across the country are showing the demand for new homes and improvements to existing buildings are up throughout the nation. While the growth is not back to previous levels because our country’s current economic crisis, it is encouraging to the lumber and building industries.

Contractors and builders in the Kansas City area can expect to benefit from this good news, also. As disposable income continues to increase, it is expected more homeowners will want to remodel or add on to their homes.

Schutte Lumber Co. has been a leader in the Kansas City lumber industry through all its ups and downs since 1880. As we have always done throughout our history, we will continue to provide only the best in quality products to the construction industry.