Keep Your Lumber Safe in the Winter

Making sure that you care for your lumber is very important, especially in the winter months. Extreme dry air is often followed by humid conditions that will ruin your wood if you don’t properly store it. The following are a few tips for storing your lumber in the winter:

lumberyard Kansas City
Source: Flickr

Lumber tends to absorb and release moisture whether it has been kiln dried or not. This can result in the lumber warping and twisting. If the wood you are storing is going to be used for a small job, then store it on short shelves inside. Larger supplies of wood should be stacked on the floor horizontally. If stacking them, place stickers, which are thin strips of wood, every foot along their length as well as between every fourth layer.

As far as where to store lumber, an unheated garage space is often a good option. These areas usually have moisture-permeable concrete floors, so be sure to sticker your lumber. If you have to store it outside, sticker it and cover it with a tarp. Be sure to check on the lumber regularly.

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