Know the Difference Between a Pin Knot and a Burl

Knowing the difference between pin knots and burl wood can help you determine which Kansas City lumber works best for your woodworking designs and ideas.

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Burl Wood

Sometimes a tree is attacked by insects or fungus in a way that causes the wood to develop an abnormal growth. A twisting and swirling pattern is created in the grain of the burl wood that is rare. Known for its artistic value and aesthetics, burl wood can be used to create luxurious furniture, doors and ceilings. It is also popular for sculptured woodwork.

Pin Knot Wood

As the name implies, pin knots have an actual size that is less than one-fourth of an inch in diameter. Knots can create an effective pattern in any type of wood. Specific characteristics of the face and back of the wood will determine the grading selected.

You may desire a heavily knotted look, or a more sparse knotty appearance. Whatever your specific design, pin knots provide unique contrast in color and texture in the wood. Application can include beams, paneling and flooring, just to name a few.

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