Make Your Own Farmhouse Dinner Table

Adding a farmhouse dinner table to your home is a great way to make the dining room feel more inviting and warm and a little bit less formal. Instead of buying an expensive farmhouse dinner table, why not build one yourself? The following are a few tips for doing just that:

woodworking projects
Source: Flickr

Once you buy your lumber, make sure you let it sit inside for a few weeks so that it will dry out. You’ll want to begin cutting your pieces, including top pieces, stretchers, legs and breadboard ends. To add a particularly rustic detail, make the breadboard ends wider than the tabletop. Use these instructions in order to cut the pieces in the right sizes as well as to properly assemble them using pocket screws and cross lap joints. When putting the table together, trim the top using a saw if it shifts while the glue is drying. Once it’s all put together, you’ll want to sand it several times before using a polyurethane finish and then buffing on a few coats of wax.

These are a few tips to building a farmhouse dinner table. Contact us at Schutte Lumber to find wood in Kansas City for your table today.