Prepping your Outdoor Spaces for BBQ Season

The telltale signs of Spring are upon us, and along with the longer days, chirping birds and the sizzling sounds from the grill comes a little spring cleaning!

All decks need to be cleaned periodically, according to AsktheBuilder.com, and . So what to do about all the dirt, mold, and mildew that can collect on the floors of our prized outdoor spaces? Proceed with caution when using pressure washers on wood decking, for one.

Writes Tim Carter of Askthebuilder.com, “I’ve seen many decks ruined by pressure washers that blasted away much of the lighter-colored spring wood that’s found between the darker bands of summer wood grain. You may be able to use one of these powerful machines without damaging the wood, but pay very close attention as you work. Do the same if you hire a professional.

I prefer to use elbow grease and oxygen bleach. Do not use chlorine bleach and water, as is sometimes recommended. Chlorine is toxic to all vegetation around the deck, it takes the natural color out of the wood, and it can accelerate the corrosion of any nails, screws and framing connectors used to construct the deck. Oxygen bleach will not cause any of these problems.”

What are you tried and true tips for performing maintenance on wooden decking? Share them with us here on schuttelumber.design-sherpa.com.