Take Wood Dust Seriously: Protect Yourself and Your Employees

When it comes to working with wood in Kansas City, safety should be your number one priority. And safety doesn’t just concern your tools – it also concerns things such as wood dust. The following are a few wood dust safety tips to keep in mind:

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    Wear dust masks – Made out of disposable cloth and elastic bands, dust masks are easily obtainable. While there are better options available, a dust mask will at least offer some protection against inhaling dust, which can cause long-term damage to your lungs.

  • Wear a respirator – Respirators are a step up from dust masks and will filter any airborne particles fairly well. They also contain filter pads that can be replaced when they become clogged up.
  • Use an air filter – An air filter is usually ceiling-mounted unit that you should run in your wood working shop in order to collect airborne dust particles. Most air filters use furnace filters.
  • Use an air exhaust – An air exhaust will blow the wood dust out of your shop.

Keep yourself and your workers safe from wood dust. For additional advice on working with wood in Kansas City, contact us at Schutte Lumber today.