The Deck Industry is Expected to Grow in 2015

Some good news for deck builders worried about the state of the industry in the upcoming year – it looks like the deck building industry will experience solid growth throughout 2015.

The DeckExpo was recently held in October of this year, where many of the attendees expressed optimism about the industry’s potential in the upcoming year. Optimism isn’t the only factor in the predicted growth of the deck industry – current economic trends are pointing the industry in an upward trend as well. As the economy has continued to improve, more and more people have money to spend, which is why there has been such a boost in remodeling projects as well as new builds, and both of those trends are expected to continue. This means that you can expect growth in both decking and home building supplies in general, especially in the Kansas area.

If you are a deck builder or a contractor in general, then you can look forward to a year of growth in 2015. Odds are you use high quality wood in your deck building projects. If you’re looking to find wood in Kansas City, then be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber today.