Tips for Buying Lumber

schutte lumber how to select woodMaybe it’s a simple deck project or something more intricate like a piece of custom furniture. No matter what the project you always want the best pieces of wood. Listed below are several things to look for when selecting lumber.

  • Defects in wood aren’t always bad. Just make sure they are from Mother Nature and not caused by abuse, insects or chemicals. Many woodworkers appreciate defects for the unique characteristics they contribute.
  • Do your homework when it comes to grades. Grades are determined by wood defects including the number, location and size of these defects. The cleaner the wood equals a higher grade.
  • A tree grain pattern is the direction that the tree’s cell fibers grow. Straight grain boards can add strength to a project while boards with varying grain patterns are used for their uniqueness and personality.
  • It is so important to check for all the following: cupping, twists, bowing and cracks. Your selected boards need to be relatively straight and solid with no warping (cupping).
  • Last but not least, check the moisture level of the lumber. Green wood has high moisture content and will split, twist and warp as it dries. It’s always important to use wood that has had time to acclimate and thoroughly dry.

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