Tips for Using Dowels in Joinery

To strengthen boards that have been joined using glue you should use dowels. Dowels are a great way to strengthen glued joints by keeping things together through the use of small pegs. The following are a few steps for creating dowel joints:

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    Align your boards – Clamp the boards together so that the sides that will have the holes are facing outwards. Mark the center alignment of where the dowels will go and use a square to mark each dowel’s center on both boards.

  • Drill the holes – This is an easy step if you have a dowel jig. Set the depth of the hole by either using a stop or wrapping tape around your drill bit. The depth of the holes should be half the length of the dowel.
  • Attach the boards – First, dry fit the boards with the dowels in order to make sure everything lines up. If they fit, then cover the ends of the dowels in glue before inserting them into the holes. Knock your boards together and clamp it to let the glue set.

Use these steps to use dowels in joinery. For more woodworking tips, be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber.