Up Your Cabinet Making Game With Dado Joints

If you have had a little bit of experience building cabinets, then maybe it’s time to up your game a little bit by beginning to use dado joints.

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Source: Flickr

Dado joints have been used for hundreds of years to build both cabinets and bookshelves. They can be made using a jig and router, which will allow you to make precision cuts at different widths every time.

So what exactly is a dado? It’s a square-walled and flat-bottom channel that is cut across the wood’s grain. This allows another piece of wood to fit into it in a snug fashion. The dado joint is a very simple joint, but one that is quite effective. Once you cut the channel and fit the pieces together, you can use glue and screws to fix them to one another. Use a jig that has two fences to keep the router enclosed along the cut’s entire length. Remember, dado joints will only be effective if your two pieces of wood are tightly aligned together.

If you’re planning on building cabinets, consider using dado joints. Be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber today for more tips on working with wood in Kansas City.