What Finishes Are Best for Protecting Wood From Moisture?

wood finishes
Source: Flickr

Whether you’re creating wood pieces for indoors or outdoors, they’re all affected by moisture in one way or another. While outdoor pieces are generally susceptible to more moisture fluctuations, indoor pieces experience more significant changes than most people think. To combat moisture-related damage, choose the right finish for your wood pieces.

Outdoor Pieces

Outdoor pieces require considerable moisture protection. Ideally, you want to use a coating that has a high moisture-excluding effectiveness (MEE.)

  • Melted paraffin wax
  • Aluminum pigmented polyurethane gloss varnish
  • Two-component epoxy or polyamide gloss paint
  • Soya-tung satin enamel
  • Pigmented flat shellac

Indoor Pieces

Indoor pieces require a bit less moisture protection, but they are exposed to regular changes even if you can’t personally feel them inside your home. While the five finishes above can work, they usually aren’t necessary for indoor pieces. Instead, go for something with a lower MEE rating.

  • Orange or white shellac
  • Phenolic/tung floor sealer
  • Paste wax
  • Linseed oil – ideally used only for small pieces that will be kept in a moisture controlled area in your home.

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