Wood of the Month: Aspen

Spring is in full bloom, and in honor of the season of new beginnings, we thought it would be appropriate to spotlight aspen wood. Rising with out of the ashes, aspen trees are known to thrive in locations where there have been fires. Because it is lightweight, strong and odorless, aspen is a wonderful wood for containers, boxes, baskets and excelsior (wood wool).

Lumber experts will agree that this wood is often under-utilized, according to the Woodworking Network. While some think that aspen doesn’t stand up well to machines, this is usually because it has not been dried to the proper moisture content, which should be 5 percent. Once all wet pockets are eliminated, aspen is strong when bent and does not sliver. Another great advantage with aspen wood is the availability and affordable cost.

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Source: Woodworking Network
Photo via Woodworking Network