Brilliant Idea for a Patio Table

If you’re looking for a few woodworking ideas to keep you busy this summer, then why not build something for your outdoor area? There is always something to be built that can help spruce up the exterior of your home, like a patio table to help entertain guests during gorgeous summer afternoons.

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Source: Remodelaholic

A patio table is a great way to make you outdoor space comfortable and more accessible while entertaining friends and family. Don’t just build a simple patio table, go with a unique design that will make the table more functional. Patio tables can be built with two compartments in the middle of the table where you can place tubs of ice to keep your beverages cold! This way, you won’t have to keep going inside in order to restock on cold drinks, you’ll be able to just reach into the middle of the table! It’s a convenient and aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor space.

When you decide to build a patio table complete with built in cooler, be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber for all your wood needs.