Quick Guide to Planning Your New Deck

Adding a deck onto your home is an ideal way to expand your living space out in the great outdoors. If you love entertaining or just having dinner with the family outside, a deck is something you should have. However, there are quite a few considerations you need to make before you just start building a deck and proper planning is essential.

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    Decide on the size of your deck. The larger the deck the greater the cost, but you’ll also need to consider how you want to use your deck. If you plan on hosting large groups, a sizeable space is needed.

  • Pick out your desired lumber. Pressure treated wood is easy to work with and resists staining, but natural wood can last longer if you can live with the change in color over time.
  • Consider whether you want to stain or paint your deck. Wood grain may not be ideal for your home, especially if you have a contemporary style house.

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