The Best Rot-Resistant Woods for Outdoor Projects

Whether you are building a sandbox for a child, a compost bin for a garden, a bench for a patio, or an entire deck, the wood needs to be carefully selected. An outdoor project requires strong, durable wood that resists rotting as much as possible. Here is a quick guide to the types of woods that are rot resistant even unfinished as well as their best uses:

Pressure-treated pine: An American softwood that is best used for deck frame, decking and ramps.

White oak: A hardwood that that is best used for benches, arbors and chairs.

Ipe: A hardwood that is good for all purposes.

Teak: A hardwood that is better for building small items.

Mahogany: A hardwood that is great for furniture projects.

Solid and Hollow Core Composites: A wood-plastic that is best for decking, ramps and railings.

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Information courtesy of Wood Magazine.