Great Ways to Collect Saw Dust in Your Workshop

When working in your workshop, you’ll want to make sure that you do something about all the sawdust. The last thing you want is for your workshop to be covered in sawdust. The following are a few ways to collect sawdust:

Farmhouse Garage And Shed by Portland Architects & Building Designers Whitten Architects via Houzz
  • Use an articulated hose – Attach an articulated hose to your shop vacuum in order to collect sawdust in hard-to-reach areas. Loc-Line’s articulated hose is particularly flexible and can be used with any drill presses, stationary sanders and router-table operations.
  • Use bridge hose clamps – Good quality bridge hose clamps will help ensure that your dust-collection hose doesn’t leak. Consider Lee Valley’s bridge hose clamps, which contain a metal supporting wire that helps to prevent the hose from collapsing on itself.
  • Use porous sanding discs – The Abranet sanding discs produced by Mirka makes use of porous, mesh-like material will provide effective dust collection without the need of lining them up with your sander’s dust collection holes. The higher quality they are, the longer they will last and the less dust escapes into the air.

These are a few ways to collect saw dust. For more advice on improving your workshop space, be sure to contact us at 816-753-6262