Let Wood Weather or Give it a Finish?

When working with wood outdoors knowing the type of wood you need is essential. However, once you’ve determined the best wood for your budget and project, knowing whether you’re going to finish it or allow it to weather naturally is the next step.

woodworking projects
Source: Flickr

Use these tips to help you decide which approach is right for your project and home:

  • Decide on your home’s overall look. If you’re working on something like a deck or piece of outdoor furniture you’ll need to consider your home’s finish. A modern home likely needs a stain or finish – a more traditional home can often use a weathered look.
  • Think about longevity. Treating your wood can help to make it repellent to mildew and other problems, but it do require maintenance to maintain its original appearance. That can be costly over time.
  • Consider the wood you’re using and how it will look untreated. Light wood tends to get darker, dark wood tends to get lighter over time. These changes may or may not be acceptable to you.

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