Environmental Regulations Workshop September 12-13

August 26, 2011

Building and contracting teams and companies in Kansas, City can sign up to attend the upcoming Complete Environmental Regulations Workshop on September 12 and 13. The leading compliance professionals in the nation, Lion Technology Inc. has been training groups and individuals for over 30 years on EPA mandates. The training is geared towards reducing the

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How to Best Prepare A Wood Surface For Finishing

August 24, 2011

A horizontal wood surface will show all of its flaws in the light, which is why a good craftsman never rushes the preparation of a surface before finishing. A woodworking project with a horizontal surface like tables, chairs and other furniture should receive extra attention when it comes to achieving a smooth surface. In order

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Creating a Clean Curved Edge Joint

August 19, 2011

Creating curved edge joints is easier than it looks, just ask Steve Shanesy from Popular Woodworking magazine. Imagine a table, tray, or even a chair that features a beautiful contrast between two different types of wood with a free-flowing curve. This simple design method can turn a woodworking project from ordinary to ornamental. You may

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Understanding the Science and Anatomy of Wood

August 18, 2011

Can you call yourself a wood scientist? Success in woodworking depends heavily on understanding the nature of wood, a once living material. Trees are living, breathing plants, meaning the wood that comes from them is made up of cells known as rays and vessels. These permeable components are what allow trees to take in carbon

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Building an Aromatic and Soothing Sauna

August 16, 2011

A home sauna may be just what the doctor ordered. You won’t need to shovel out anymore money on spa visits with a personal indoor or freestanding outdoor sauna. In designing a sauna, the type of wood is obviously the most important decision you will make. Any wood can be heated to provide the temperatures

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Don't Over Do It: Tips on Preventing Over-Drilling

August 10, 2011

No matter how carefully you can drill, it’s best to use some backup methods to prevent over-drilling and wasting a perfectly good piece of lumber. Wood Magazine has three drilling tips that can help you achieve the exact depths you need for your project. 1. Use masking tape, but do not wrap the tape around the

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Wooden Pergolas Offer Architecture and Shade

August 5, 2011

Builders and contractors looking to add architectural intrigue as well as functionality to an outdoor space should consider a wooden pergola. While providing shade and vertical visual interest, a pergola can create unity between an outdoor area and exterior of the home or building. Cover a dining area, a garden or an outdoor living room.

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Slicing Beautiful Veneers from Wooden Burls

August 3, 2011

Burls are tree outgrowths that form as a result of dormant buds that create knots in a tree trunk or branch. The unorganized grains make for a uniquely and unusually alluring pattern but do not offer the durability of typical lumber. Even so, burls are sought after by woodworkers, builders and artists due to their

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