Safe and Effective Ways to Heat Your Workship During Winter

October 31, 2013

Creating and maintaining a comfortable workspace is one of the keys to wholly enjoying your workshop. While convenience is a factor, it is far more important to keep safety in mind. Here are a few ways to effectively and safely heat your workshop for the coming winter: Improved Insulation – The first step should always

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Use Trim to Add Subtle Style to Your Home

October 28, 2013

Small changes in your trim can make a major difference in the look and feel of your home. Switching away from standard and traditional woods to something more exciting could be just what you need, especially since exotic hardwoods in Kansas City are an unusual visual treat. Here are few ways to use them: Modernize

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How to Keep Your Wood Deck in Top Condition

October 24, 2013

A deck can be a challenge to maintain. Being outside makes it more vulnerable to pest problems and water damage. However, if you manage to keep your deck in top condition you greatly reduce your chances of expensive long-term damage. Here are just a few ways to help keep your deck tip-top. Consider pressure-washing your

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Fixing Damaged Woodwork With Stain and Lacquer

October 22, 2013

A lot of lacquers do very well over manufactured wood filler, but linseed oil has the  tendency to interfere with proper drying and further stain application. If the wood has gaps large enough that tungsten oil will not fill them in completely, you may want to mill down a shim of the same type of

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Lumber and Millwork Can Make an Easy-to-Build Bar

October 12, 2013

Are you ready to start a new woodworking project but not sure if you have the talent and technique? New trends in lumber and millwork can help with all your woodworking ideas. Traditional Basement by Oakville Interior Designers & Decorators Chic Decor & Design, Margarida Oliveira via Houzz With the holidays right around the corner how

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Different Ways to Protect Outdoor Wood Decks and Furniture

October 11, 2013

Fall is the perfect time to clean and protect your wood deck and patio furniture before the weather turns nasty. Inspect and repair any damage to the decking, stairs and railings before giving the entire area a good pressure washing. Store all furniture cushions and gently clean the wooden frames. Decide if you need a

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